Wilma and Liston Buell Community Center

Funding Amount:

Recreation, Education, Information and Nutrition – four ideologies the REIN Coalition aims to bring for the Wilma and Liston Buell Community Center.

The Wilma and Liston Buell Community Center will be established at Goshen Park in Clay City, Indiana by rehabilitating the existing building. The Community Center will provide the necessary amenities for community members as well as a central location to gather and celebrate. To continue to provide for those who need it most, a food pantry will be installed within the Community Center that will have coolers, freezers, and shelves for storing pantry items, storing cans and frozen goods and hygiene products.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pantries across the region saw an increase in those seeking assistance. The addition of a pantry within the Community Center will allow Clay City to support current residents as well as prepare for future crises. The REIN Coalition, Keymark Construction, and Clay County Commissioners are working in conjunction to bring this project to life. By developing a space for our small town communities to collaborate and come together to benefit those living in West Central Indiana.