The Mill

Funding Amount:

The Mill looks to expand upon their venue that would allow them to book more shows throughout the year. Amenities such as

  • Improved ADA accessibility and parking spots
  • Concrete pathways instead of gravel,
  • Permanent handicap accessible restrooms,
  • And seating specifically for ADA.

will be added to the venue to ensure it is accessible to all and allows for even more guests to travel to The Mill for Live Music.

The Mill is a critical piece in improving the overall quality of place for the City of Terre Haute as concert goers will come into the community and amplify the tourism industry by visiting our local businesses including restaurants and shopping centers and exploring our downtown. This project would give The Mill the ability to plan more events that can bring the community and surrounding areas together. As The Mill looks to the future, the hope is to continue development along the Wabash River to create more opportunities for the concert venue and expand the tourism industry in Terre Haute and West Central Indiana.