Terre Haute Children's Museum Outdoor Space

Funding Amount:

The Terre Haute Children’s Museum (THCM) is a hub laughter and exploration located in the heart of Terre Haute. From the moment you step through the door, children of all ages can enjoy the variety of exhibits.

But the fun was put on hold when COVID-19 caused the museum to close its doors. As the world slowly began to reopen, the THCM realized that it is one of the few Children’s Museums who do not have an outside space. Required to to utilize other outdoor space like the City and County parks to provide programs because they could not have people inside the museum, the THCM dreamt of a space physically connected to the museum in downtown Terre Haute.

The THCM would close down 8th Street Avenue to Ohio Boulevard and develop an outdoor green space for Terre Haute Children Museum guests and the public to enjoy. This space would include a play area for kids complete with climbing walls and other playground equipment as well as permanent seating where families can sit and enjoy the outdoors. On a grander scale, this outdoor space could potentially result in guests visiting other downtown businesses, like restaurants and shopping.