Rose-Hulman Ventures Movement

Funding Amount:

The Rose-Hulman Ventures Movement (RHVM) project will relocate RHV to Rose-Hulman’s main campus. RHV is currently located six miles away, limiting immediate access to campus resources like faculty. By bringing Rose-Hulman Ventures to the heart of campus activity, RHV’s ability to expand offerings, services, and business creation for the region will increase dramatically.

Rose-Hulman will design and construct a new campus for RHV at the corner of SR 46 and SR 42 with anchor of a Research and Development Park, Innovation Grove as well as future expansions on the southeast side of campus. It will house all its current business units in addition to new ones like a Civil Engineering Test Lab, a Biology Lab, a Prototyping Lab, Test Engineering and Applied Optics.

With the movement to campus, RHV will be able to

  • Efficiently manage access to students by ending their commute to an off-campus location;
  • Add in-demand business units; make use of campus labs; be in proximity to faculty and staff;
  • Multiply testing capabilities;
  • And expand the client base to bring new innovation and growth to the economy.