Homes for the Future Pilot Program (Thrive West Central)

Funding Amount:

The grant program is designed to develop a new energy around homebuilding in the West Central region.

Thrive West Central will work with local engineers, developers and realtors to design homes around $220,000 range, while looking at new modern and efficient homes, attractive to today’s buyer. Thrive will create an RFQ process, which allows builders to present proposals on their housing ideas and concepts. The selection team will be a group of West Central Indiana leaders to determine the best opportunity for homebuyers.

The process will encourage multiple concepts utilizing the variables in order to attract single family home buyers and allowing for affordable options. The builders will have the opportunity to apply for up to ten percent of their home costs, no more than $20,000. The monies will be used to help supplement infrastructure costs, allowing homes to be sold at an affordable rate while allowing the builder to make good business decisions for its company and employee retention.