Design & Innovation Studios (Vincennes University)

Funding Amount:

In partnership with the Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-Mac) at Purdue University, Vincennes University (VU) will provide the opportunity for Knox County elementary schools to implement Design & Innovation Studios.

It will provide access to authentic, hands-on STEM education by offering schools, educators, and students various opportunities to discover new ways to explore design thinking, problem-solving, technology, and creative skill sets. In addition, the studios expand on hands-on learning experiences through 3D printers, robotics, coding, electronics, and engineering and science concepts. The studios are coupled with 27 learning modules in partnership with STEM Education Works. VU aims to create three studios to be implemented in the elementary schools throughout the region and staff the studios with STEM Fellows/Instructors to lead the Design and Innovation studios to implement the programming.

This program will enhance technical skills and curiosity in young children that will lead to workforce development in the future. This focus on attaining workforce goals will move the region towards initiatives identified in regional planning efforts.