Clinton Housing

Funding Amount:

The City of Clinton’s plans to rehabilitate the streets and sidewalks roughly five blocks of North 6th Street between the new apartments that were constructed and Vine Street and then engineer, design, bid and construct the project.

Matching funding will be provided by the City for site excavation and through Cottrell Properties through the construction of a dozen small, 2- and 1-bedroom apartments on North 6th Street in Clinton, Indiana. These apartments occupy approximately 2 City blocks. Prior to this project, the real estate where these apartments were built was in very poor condition. The City acquired all the properties via the tax sale process and Cottrell Properties purchased all the lots and went through the process of obtaining building permits to construct the apartments. Cottrell Properties also installed new sanitary sewer and water service to each apartment.

Currently, all apartments are occupied and the properties are back on the tax rolls at a much higher accessed value than before. With the revitalization of housing in the area, the City is determined to do its part to ensure this street is repaved to provide an enhanced quality of place for the new apartment buildings that were constructed to continue to spur development efforts in the areas.